Silva Expedition 4 Compass

Product Code: 35692-8011
Silva Expedition 4 Compass
Product Code: 35692-8011

The Silva Expedition 4 Compass has a full-size base plate is designed for experienced navigators. This is a navigation instrument of the highest class for really serious navigators and professionals. Specially designed to allow for fast and exact map work. The base plate has different scales and a built-in magnifier. It is equipped with luminous points for navigation in the dark.

Light and handy, easy to grip compass housing

1:25k, 1:50k, 1:63.36k, mm and inch map measuring scales

Accuracy max 1.0° from true course

Large base plate with rounded edges and corners

Patented red/black north/south lines in the capsule for quick and correct course setting

Three silicone feet prevent the compass from sliding off the map

Stencil holes in the base plate for exact position markings on the map

Magnifying lens.

North indicator on the red end of the compass needle

Luminous markings for navigation in the dark

SOLD OUT 3/12/19

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